Anti-Pet Odour Scented Candle, Fruity and Floral

Anti-Pet Odour Scented Candle, Fruity and Floral

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This 180g Maison Berger candle with a fruity and floral scent is totally dedicated to neutralizing the unpleasant odours of pets in your home.

An association of patented molecules and specific fragrances are combined for an effective action against the unpleasant smell that pets may leave. This candale is made of a 100% vegan and vegetable wax (soy) incorporating each patented molecule. The fficacies have been tested and proven by expert perfumers and olfactory evaluators.

Advantages of the candle:
- 100% natural vegetable wax (soy), no GMO and vegan for a cleaner combustion,
- Wick in cotton whose weaving is adapted specifically to the format of the candle,
- Hand-made, ecological and sustainable,
- Neutralizing molecule of specific unpleasant smell patented,
- Perfumes created by French master perfumers, poured in the mass for a controlled and homogeneous combustion,
- Intense and continuous perfuming, cold as in diffusion, during about 30h.